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Discovery Kids Early Learning Centre

366 Main Street, BALCATTA

Quality education provided by full-time Early Childhood Teachers

We provide a nurturing, safe and fun environment for all children where they are supported and cared for. We realise the importance of employing quality staff members and have an induction process so the children and parents can become familiar and comfortable with the people that will be caring for their children.

We believe the environment to be a critical aspect of children’s learning and development. The environment we provide for children is a space in which children are able to safely explore a range of natural and produced materials and resources. We use recycled materials and include play experiences that will ensure children gain a better understanding of the need to re-use materials and save precious resources. We value and embrace contributions and suggestions to improve the environment from children and families.

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An Early Learning Centre catering for 2-5 year olds


Fee Information

Our current fee structure is as follows:

Opening Hours: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm

$130 per day with morning and afternoon tea included

As we are a fully licensed service, parents are eligible to claim the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) through Centrelink.

For all booking enquiries and additional information, please contact:


Phone: 0451 489 605

Please note, our on-site mobile phone is only in use during operating hours.

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We believe in a flexible curriculum that will offer a diverse, stimulating and engaging range of experiences reflective of children, family and school community. We support this belief by providing children with multiple ways to learn both in the indoor and outdoor environments, allowing children to find meaningful connections and relationships in the environment. We respect and value children’s’ curiosity and questions of wonder and awe. We encourage learning through intentional teaching and child-initiated opportunities each day. We value and endeavour to always include shared ideas and input to the curriculum from the children and their families.

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